Star Trek: Voyager - Season 7 Episode 10 Flesh and Blood (2)

Star Trek: Voyager
Stardate: 54337.5 - Voyager secretly trails two Hirogen ships in pursuit of the renegade hologram ship. Iden, the band's self-appointed leader, begins showing signs of delusional behaviour when he considers himself as the 'saviour of his people', and believes that his people will worship him as a God in their new settlement. With Voyager and the Hirogen ships trailing close behind, the Doctor and Torres must find a way to disable the ships and the holograms before they come under attack from the Hirogen, and before Iden can execute his plan.
TitleStar Trek: Voyager - Season 7 Episode 10 Flesh and Blood (2)
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Alternative Titles星际迷航:航海家号, 星际旅行:重返地球, Star Trek: Vesmírná loď Voyager
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First Air DateJan 16, 1995
Last Air dateMay 23, 2001
Season7 Season
Episode169 Episode
Runtime45:60 minutes
IMDb: 7.78/ 10 by 882.00 users


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