Bosco Adventure

Bosco Adventure
The Fountain of Life is the source of all life forces in the Bosco World. Princess Apricot, who is supposed to become Queen of Fountainland-the Guardian of the Fountain of Life-is kidnapped by villains who aim to rule the Bosco World. If Princess Apricot can't take the queen's throne by the next solar eclipse, the Fountain of Life will dry up. The animals living in the forest of Bosco, including Frog, Otter and Tortoise, decide to help Princess and take her to Fountainland in order to protect their peaceful life in the Bosco World. So begins the journey in a balloon full of dreams, hope, adventures, and love!
TitleBosco Adventure
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Alternative Titlesسفينة الأصدقاء, 梦幻世界, Les Aventures du Bosco, A Bosco léghajó kalandjai, חבורת הצב המעופף, Principessa dai capelli blu, Bosco daiboken, 보스코 어드벤처, 날아라 거북선, Las Aventuras de la Nave Bosco, Bosco, Плава принцеза, Приключения Боско
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First Air DateOct 06, 1986
Last Air dateMar 30, 1987
Season1 Season
Episode26 Episode
Runtime25:14 minutes
IMDb: 5.00/ 10 by 1.00 users