Honkai Impact 3rd Animation

Honkai Impact 3rd Animation
Animated Shorts by MiHoYo that are found in-game and on YouTube. Follow the adventures of Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei, and Bronya Zaychik along with their friends and foes as they confront the calamitous forces of evil called the Honkai and the Herrschers that lead its Will to unleash terrible destruction upon the Earth. The trio are a group of Schicksal Valkyries from Saint Freya Academy who must work with their allies leading the charge against Honkai such as Anti-Entropy along with their enemies the World Serpent to put an end to the everlasting power of the Honkai. Come fight for all that is beautiful in the world!
TitleHonkai Impact 3rd Animation
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Cast, , , , ,
Alternative TitlesBenghuai 3, Beng huai 3 dong hua duan pian ji, Honkai Impact 3rd Animation
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First Air DateApr 24, 2018
Last Air dateMar 02, 2023
Season1 Season
Episode14 Episode
Runtime26:14 minutes
IMDb: 9.43/ 10 by 7.00 users


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