Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny 2023


Finding himself in a new era, and approaching retirement, Indy wrestles with fitting into a world that seems to have outgrown him. But as the tentacles of an all-too-familiar evil return in the form of an old rival, Indy must don his hat and pick up his whip once more to make sure an ancient and powerful artifact doesn't fall into the wrong hands.


One Life

One Life 2023


British stockbroker Nicholas Winton visits Czechoslovakia in the 1930s and forms plans to assist in the rescue of Jewish children before the onset of World War II, in an operation that came to be known as the Kindertransport.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989


In 1938, an art collector appeals to eminent archaeologist Dr. Indiana Jones to embark on a search for the Holy Grail. Indy learns that a medieval historian has vanished while searching for it, and the missing man is his own father, Dr. Henry Jones Sr.. He sets out to rescue his father by following clues in the old man's notebook, which his father had mailed to him before he went missing. Indy arrives in Venice, where he enlists the help of a beautiful academic, Dr. Elsa Schneider, along with Marcus Brody and Sallah. Together they must stop the Nazis from recovering the power of eternal life and taking over the world!


Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful 1997


A touching story of an Italian book seller of Jewish ancestry who lives in his own little fairy tale. His creative and happy life would come to an abrupt halt when his entire family is deported to a concentration camp during World War II. While locked up he tries to convince his son that the whole thing is just a game.


The Damned

The Damned 1969


In the early days of Nazi Germany, a powerful noble family must adjust to life under the new dictatorship regime.


Salon Kitty

Salon Kitty 1976


Kitty runs a brothel in Nazi Germany where the soldiers come to "relax". Recording devices have been installed in each room by a power hungry army official who plans to use the information to blackmail Hitler and gain power himself. A girl named Margherita discovers the little ploy and with Kitty's help plans to take on the dangerous task of exposing the conspiracy.


Memphis Belle

Memphis Belle 1990


The "Memphis Belle" is a World War II bomber, piloted by a young crew on dangerous bombing raids into Europe. The crew only have to make one more bombing raid before they have finished their duty and can go home. In the briefing before their last flight, the crew discover that the target for the day is Dresden, a heavily-defended city that invariably causes many Allied casualties


Man Hunt

Man Hunt 1941


Shortly before the start of WW2, renown British big-game hunter Thorndike vacationing in Bavaria has Hitler in his gun sight. He is captured, beaten, left for dead, and escapes back to London where he is hounded by Nazi agents and aided by a young woman.


Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS

Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS 1975


Ilsa, a warden at a Nazi death camp that conducts experiments on prisoners, strives to prove that women can withstand more pain and suffering than men, and therefore should be allowed to fight on the frontlines.


The Ogre

The Ogre 1996


Frenchman Abel Tiffauges is a naive man who lives a simple life working as a mechanic. Falsely accused of being a child abuser, he is recruited as a soldier when World War II begins, but is captured soon and taken to the heart of Nazi Germany.


3rd Reich Mothers, in the Name of the Master Race

3rd Reich Mothers, in the Name of the Master Race 2012


Two beautiful and different girls, Alice and Lisette are 17 years old, when forcibly removed from their Alsatian family to cooperate in the war effort in Germany. After spending six months in a indoctrination camp, they are both sent to a munitions factory where they are tasked to perform inhuman works. An explosion erupts, they are suspected of sabotage and threatened with being sent to a boot camp. Alice and Lisette believe they saved when transferred to a maternity where they continue living the hell of war.


Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate

Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate 2023


A glittery nightclub in 1920s Berlin becomes a haven for the queer community in this documentary exploring the freedoms lost amid Hitler’s rise to power.


Final Account

Final Account 2021


A depiction of the last living generation of German participants in Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.



Bonhoeffer 2024


When a pacifist is called to a political act that could change the course of history, how will a man of honor respond? This is the true story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a man who preached love while plotting the assassination of an evil tyrant. With world-shattering stakes, Bonhoeffer begs the question, how far will you go to stand up for what’s right?


The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress

The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress 1944


This WW2 documentary centers on the crew of the American B-17 Flying Fortress Memphis Belle as it prepares to execute a strategic bombing raid on Nazi submarine pens in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.


Escape From Germany

Escape From Germany 2024


“Escape from Germany,” is the true recounting of a miraculous yet unsung WWII event, releasing in theaters April, 2024. Hitler's army was rapidly closing borders in August of 1939 while eighty-five American missionaries were serving their church inside Germany. As the German military preparations escalated, word came to speedily move those LDS missionaries to safety in adjacent countries. Taken from the personal diaries of those missionaries, this riveting story is a testimony that God truly leads and protects His servants, opens doors, and provides timely inspiration. The harrowing escape of these missionaries from Nazi Germany as World War II started is one of the most remarkable but little-known events in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



Swastika 1974


Comprised of video shot during the Nazi regime, including propaganda, newsreels, broadcasts and even some of Eva Braun's colorized personal home movies, we explore the way in which the Third Reich infiltrated the lives of the German population, from 1933 to 1945.



Cabaret 1993


Filmed live from the 1993 revival, Sam Mendes' directorial debut takes place at the Donmar Warehouse in London's West End. Jane Horrocks stars as cabaret girl Sally Bowles, Adam Godley as the bicurious Cliff, and Alan Cumming as the eccentric Emcee. Inside the Kit Kat Club of 1931 Berlin, starry-eyed singer Sally and the impish Emcee sound the clarion call to decadent fun, while outside, a notorious political party grows into a brutal force.


National Theatre Live: Good

National Theatre Live: Good 2023


As the world faces its Second World War, John Halder, a good, intelligent German professor, finds himself pulled into a movement with unthinkable consequences.


Erna, Helmut and the Nazis

Erna, Helmut and the Nazis 2021


Germany, 1929. Helmut Machemer and Erna Schwalbe fall madly in love and marry in 1932. Everything indicates that a bright future awaits them; but then, in 1933, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rise to power and their lives are suddenly put in danger because of Erna's Jewish ancestry.



Löwengrube 1989


"Löwengrube – Die Grandauers und ihre Zeit" is a German television series first aired between 1989 and 1992, created by Willy Purucker and directed by Rainer Wolffhardt. It is set in Munich and follows the lives of Ludwig Grandauer and his son Karl, both policemen, covering the years from 1897 to 1954. The TV show is based on Purucker's radio play series Die Grandauers und ihre Zeit (‘The Grandauers and their time’). The series’ main title "Löwengrube", meaning ‘Lions’ Den’, refers to the address of the Munich Police Headquarters inaugurated in 1913.


Exterminate All the Brutes

Exterminate All the Brutes 2021


Hybrid docuseries offering an expansive exploration of the exploitative and genocidal aspects of European colonialism, from America to Africa, and its impact on society today.


Secrets of the Third Reich

Secrets of the Third Reich 2014


Little-known events that played a large role in determining the outcome of World War II are revealed in this documentary series.


Blood and Honor: Youth Under Hitler

Blood and Honor: Youth Under Hitler 1982


Blood and Honor: Youth Under Hitler, 1982 is a German/American made for TV mini-series which was a co-production between Daniel Wilson Productions and S.W.F and Taurus Films. The original screenplay was by Helmut Kissel and was partly based on his own experience as a member of the Hitler Youth. The scripts that were eventually shot, however, were written by Robert Muller. Helmut Kissel led as the director of the project but was replaced by Bernd Fischerauer within the first couple of weeks when shooting started. The shooting was on location in Baden-Baden, West Germany with the first 4 weeks in August 1980 and the rest of the production was completed between January through March in 1981. Each scene was shot both in English and in German and resulted in two versions of the film. The post production of the German version was completed in spring of 1982. It premiered on West German TV in July 1982 and the American version premiered in November 1982.



Abigel 1978


Hungarian miniseries.


Dead Men's Secrets

Dead Men's Secrets 2002


A series that discusses secrets and mysteries during wars in the 20th century.


Natsi-Saksa ja Suomi

Natsi-Saksa ja Suomi 2022


A four-part history series examines relations between Nazi Germany and Finland in the 1930s and 1940s. The series explores how the close relationship between Finland and Germany was born and developed, and what was known in Finland about the Holocaust, the mass extermination of the Jews at a time when the countries were at war together. Through archives and expert interviews, it explores how close Finns were to the Nazi German leadership.


War of the Century

War of the Century 1999


The War of the Century: When Hitler Fought Stalin, is a BBC documentary film series that examines Adolf Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 and the no-holds-barred war on both sides. It not only examines the war but also the terror inside the Soviet Union at the time due to the paranoia of Joseph Stalin - the revenge atrocities, the Great Purge of army officers, the near-lunacy orders, and the paranoia of being upstaged by others, especially Marshal Zhukov. The historical adviser is Ian Kershaw.


Goering: Nazi Number One

Goering: Nazi Number One 2006


This is the story of an incredible rise to power, the most comprehensive documentary on Hermann Goering ever made. He was a man of many faces: vain, ambitious, more brutal than any other of Hitler's minions, yet the most popular Nazi official of all, at times even more popular than Hitler himself. He embodied the jovial side of the Third Reich. Yet the same man who organised dissolute bacchanals also founded the Gestapo, set up the first concentration camps, and had his own comrades murdered in the purge of 1934. These unique personal records form the largest and most important single film find from the Nazi era in past years.