Bad Boys

Bad Boys 1995


Marcus Burnett is a henpecked family man. Mike Lowry is a footloose and fancy free ladies' man. Both Miami policemen, they have 72 hours to reclaim a consignment of drugs stolen from under their station's nose. To complicate matters, in order to get the assistance of the sole witness to a murder, they have to pretend to be each other.


Bad Boys II

Bad Boys II 2003


Detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey of the Miami Narcotics Task Force are tasked with stopping the flow of the drug ecstasy into Miami. They track the drugs to the whacked-out Cuban drug lord Johnny Tapia, who is also involved in a bloody war with Russian and Haitian mobsters. If that isn't bad enough, there's tension between the two detectives when Marcus discovers that playboy Mike is secretly romancing Marcus’ sister, Syd.


Confidential Assignment

Confidential Assignment 2017


When a crime organization from North Korea crosses borders and enters South Korean soil, a South Korean detective must cooperate with a North Korean detective to investigate their whereabouts.


Fatal Error

Fatal Error 1979


Detectives Grijpstra and De Gier are sent to investigate the case of a man who apparently hanged himself in a center for oriental meditation. It is ruled as suicide and the case seems to be closed, but the same night there is an attempted break in. The investigation hits a dead end and everyone involved is a suspect. Based on the book "The Corpse in the Haarlemmer Houttuinen” by Jan-Willem van de Wetering.



Rooster 1982


A physically small police psychologist and a physically large insurance detective team up on an arson case.


Laim und die schlafenden Hunde

Laim und die schlafenden Hunde 2023


Dirk Reimann was actually supposed to appear as a keynote speaker at a start-up pitching event. Instead, he is found murdered by a punch to the back of the head. Laim and Simhandl take up the investigation.



Dangerous 2000


Two friends, Laxya and Bharat, run a detective agency. They face several challenges when they are asked to nab a serial killer.


Detective L

Detective L 2019


Shanghai in 30s: An intriguing crime case emerges amidst the bustling city. A beautiful new graduate of police academy, Qin Xiaoman, joins the investigation unit. The famous detective Luo Fei becomes her colleague and neighbour.


The Bridge

The Bridge 2022


The series begins with the life of Mamed (Nofal Shahlaroglu), who cannot pay his debts and is always in trouble. Mamed's work as an actor was never going well. On the eve of his life going wrong, he meets a spirit named Suleyman (Elnur Huseynov) who can only be seen by those who hold the magical rosary, which no one can see.