God's Crooked Lines

God's Crooked Lines 2022


Alice Gould, a private investigator, pretends to be mentally ill in order to enter a psychiatric hospital and gather evidence for the case she is working on: the death of a patient in unclear circumstances.


The Replacement

The Replacement 2021


Spain, 1982. Andrés Expósito, a young police inspector, accepts a posting in Denia, a small town on the Mediterranean coast, in the hope of leading a quieter life and that the natural environment will help improve the fragile health of his daughter; but once in his new post he becomes involved by chance in the investigation of the strange death of the inspector he has come to replace.


Wild Session

Wild Session 2019


A walk through the golden age of Spanish exploitation cinema, from the sixties to the eighties; a low-budget cinema and great popular acceptance that exploited cinematographic fashions: westerns, horror movies, erotic comedies and thrillers about petty criminals.


El rey

El rey 2018


Spain, June 2014. King Juan Carlos I abdicates after forty years on the throne. The historical cycle that began in 1978 has ended. It is the beginning of a new era. Felipe VI is the new king and the future is uncertain.


And They Lived Happily Ever After

And They Lived Happily Ever After 1976


Manoli and Fernando, a couple of communist ideas, want to live their love freely, fleeing from any bourgeois convention. At first, the couple rejects the help of her parents, but soon they will begin to give in and accept all kinds of comforts.


Confessions of a Congressman

Confessions of a Congressman 1978


Roberto, a leader and follower of the ideals of his radical leftist opposition party, can’t resist the cheap beautiful street teenagers that are thrown his way for various pleasures.


The Crack: Inception

The Crack: Inception 2019


Madrid, Spain, 1975; shortly after the end of the Franco dictatorship. Six months after the mysterious death of his lover, a prestigious tailor, a married woman visits the office of the young Germán Areta, a former police officer turned private detective, to request his professional services.


Manda huevos

Manda huevos 2016


A look at the different masculinities portrayed in Spanish cinema through time. (A sequel to “Barefoot in the Kitchen,” 2013.)


Love & Revolution

Love & Revolution 2023


Seville, 1977. At a time when homosexuality is a crime, Reme, a traditional mother moved by the love of her son, an adolescent aspiring artist, will become involved in the Andalusian LGBTQ+ movement, paradoxically born in the bosom of the Church.


Furia libertaria

Furia libertaria 2011


San Sebastián de los Reyes Bullring, Madrid, Spain, March 27, 1977. In response to the strange political alliances that were taking place between antagonistic forces in search of a self-serving consensus, the anarcho-syndicalist union CNT organizes a rally to denounce the reprehensible machinations of its adversaries. (Documentary shot in 1977; edited and released in 2011).


Barefoot in the Kitchen

Barefoot in the Kitchen 2013


What was the role of women in Spanish cinema from the 1930s to the present explained through fragments of different films, both fiction and non-fiction. (Followed by “Manda huevos,” 2016.)


A March to Remember

A March to Remember 2019


Vitoria, Basque Country, Spain, March 3rd, 1976. After several months of protests demanding decent working conditions, representatives of struggling workers call for a general strike. In the church of San Francisco, in the working class neighborhood of Zaramaga, thousands of workers fill the temple in assembly. Outside, many more people gather and, in the middle, about a hundred heavily armed police officers wait to act.


El Cepa Returns

El Cepa Returns 2019


Forty years later, Guillermo Montesinos, the actor who played José María el Cepa in The Cuenca Crime (1980), directed by Pilar Miró, returns to the various locations where the shooting of the mythical film, narrating the infamous Grimaldos case (1910), took place.


...And the Third Year, He Resuscitated

...And the Third Year, He Resuscitated 1980


On November 20, 1978 a truck driver picks up a man on the road, that tells him to take him to Pardo's Palace. Soon, the truck driver begins to realize who this person is.


Spoiled Children

Spoiled Children 1980


This satirical comedy follows the strict older generation pitting themselves against the pleasure-seeking youths, both in 1947 and in 1978.


Under the Danger to Society Law

Under the Danger to Society Law 1977


Barcelona, Spain, June 1977. A chronicle of a demonstration held to demand the repeal of a 1970 Francoist law criminalizing homeless, prostitutes and homosexuals.



Erreferenduma 1978


Pilot chapter of the film series 'Ikuska', a compilation of shorts on the Basque Country’s culture and politics. A documentary about the referendum on the Spanish constitution.


Después de… Primera parte: no se os puede dejar solos

Después de… Primera parte: no se os puede dejar solos 1983


A history of the Spanish Transition told in first person by the main protagonists: on the one hand, the politicians, idealistic or merely opportunistic, who brought it to a successful conclusion in the tribunes and offices; on the other hand, the citizens who, in the streets, supported it sincerely or fought it with ferocity.