578: Magnum

578: Magnum 2022


A container truck driver, Hùng, lives an idyllic life with his little daughter, An. The father and daughter become the closest companions in every journey with their orange container truck. Life goes on like that until An has to leave her father to go to school. One day, Hùng is informed that An is suffering from severe depression. Relying on his old skills in the past and finding out the truth, Hùng becomes enraged and painful to know that his little girl was kidnapped by a male stranger. Starting his lone and intense journey looking for and chasing after the unknown abuser, Hùng realizes that to hunt down that psychopath he has to counter the massive underground forces behind him.



Mai 2024


"Mai" revolves around the life of a beautiful woman named Mai who has an exceptional fate. Because she works as a masseuse, Mai often faces scrutiny and judgment from those around her. Then, Mai met Duong, a ladykiller guy. Just when she thought she was no longer passionate about love and pursuing her happiness, Mai's desire to live a new life arose when Duong hit on her without hesitation.


The Ancestral

The Ancestral 2022


After suffering a family tragedy, a widower named Thanh moves his two daughters to a centuries-old ancestral home. Both daughters fall prey to sleep paralysis and night terrors. Their father seeks the help of a local psychologist, but chilling secrets and visions eventually prove that all is not what it seems in the old family house.



Furie 2019


When a little girl is kidnapped by a trafficking ring, they soon find they messed with the wrong child. Her mother, a notorious former gang leader, is close on their trail and will go to any lengths to bring her child home.


The Scent of Green Papaya

The Scent of Green Papaya 1993


In 1951, a young Vietnamese girl arrives at a Saigon household as their new servant.



Cyclo 1996


Follows a young cyclo driver on his poverty-driven descent into criminality in modern-day Ho Chi Minh City. The boy's struggles to scratch out a living for his two sisters and grandfather in the mean streets of the city lead to petty crime on behalf of a mysterious Madame from whom he rents his cyclo.


Black Rose

Black Rose 2023


The story revolves around a babysitter named 'My' coming to work for a rich young family. As bonds start to form, and trusts built, 'My' begins to face everyone’s deep dark secrets.


Viet and Nam

Viet and Nam 2024


In the depths of the underground coal mines, where danger awaits and darkness prevails, Nam and Viêt, both young miners, cherish fleeting moments, knowing that one of them will soon leave for a new life across the sea.


The Third Wife

The Third Wife 2019


Though only 14 years old, May is selected to be the third wife of a wealthy landowner. Her new home seems idyllic, her husband favours her, and she quickly becomes pregnant with what she is certain will be the desired male progeny. But trouble is quietly brewing: she witnesses a forbidden tryst that will spark a chain reaction of misfortunes — and stir in May urges that until now had been dormant.



Furies 2022


Bi, a Vietnamese country girl, survives a brutal childhood and escapes to Saigon. There, she is recruited by the mysterious Mrs. Lin, who trains Bi and her new friends Thanh and Hong in killing and sensuality to take down Hai, a Saigon crime lord.


The Vertical Ray of the Sun

The Vertical Ray of the Sun 2000


Hanoi comes across almost picture-perfect in director Tran Anh Hung's beautiful, elegiac tale about the lives and loves of three Vietnamese sisters. A mood characteristic of Hung's films is set early on with the vivid sounds of birds, insects and water and the way the lighting enhances the subtle use of color. They all combine to gem-like effect here.


Sister Sister

Sister Sister 2019


This is a psychological film exploring the love story revolving around two beautiful women - Thien Kim and Bao Nhi. Face to face in a game where only one person wins, when the happiness of a small home is about to be swept away by a storm, who will fiercely fight for what they want and who will resign to keep peaceful?


Extremely Easy Job

Extremely Easy Job 2022


Mr. Thai is a retired police officer. Every day, he still goes looking for petty criminals. Hoang - a newly released drug lord opened a real estate business office. Mr. Thai was suspicious and decided to quietly investigate.


Jackpot Island - Kumanthong Returns

Jackpot Island - Kumanthong Returns 2022


The "Jackpot Island - Kumanthong Returns" continues to spread obsession and doubts about one of Southeast Asia's most terrifying divinities. Who is really hiding behind the evil, monstrous face and holding terrifying secrets? What does a deadly island and the terrifyingly mysterious appearance of monstrous mermaids have to do with this brutal and terrifying spell?


Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell

Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell 2023


After a Vietnamese woman dies in a traffic accident in Saigon, her brother-in-law and her young son transport her body back to the former’s hometown in rural Vietnam, where they plan to give her a funeral.


The Last Wife

The Last Wife 2023


In the midst of the Nguyễn Dynasty, a reluctant wife's life takes a dramatic turn when a chance encounter with her childhood lover sparks a series of unexpected events.


Sword of the Assassin

Sword of the Assassin 2012


Nguyen Vu is the sole survivor of his family who was executed by the empress of Vietnam. Upon discovering that his family may have been framed for crimes they did not commit, he sets out to bring justice and clear his family name.


The Housemaid

The Housemaid 2016


When an orphaned Vietnamese girl is hired to be a housemaid at a haunted rubber plantation in 1953 French Indochina, she unexpectedly falls in love with the French landowner and awakens the vengeful ghost of his dead wife... who is out for blood.



Clash 2009


Trinh, a mercenary, must complete a series of organized crime jobs for her boss in order to win the release of her kidnapped daughter. She hires several mercenaries to help, including Quan, who she becomes attracted to. Trinh and Quan's relationship becomes complicated as it becomes evident that their motivations are not the same.


Be Your Star

Be Your Star 2024


Thien Bao and Dinh Huy accidentally met on a blind date when Huy was hired to be the lover of a girl who came to force Bao to refuse the arranged marriage between him and that girl. The meeting seemed like very terribleas as Huy's plan, they thought they would never see each other again. Unfortunately, the CEO of company Huy applied to be an intern was Thien Bao.


My First Love

My First Love 2019


A remake of popular Korean drama 'She was pretty'


Suddenly Happy Family

Suddenly Happy Family 2023


The life of an extended family is not always peaceful because of differences in personality, lifestyle, and the interior of each small family.


Mr. Cinderella

Mr. Cinderella 2021


Mr. Cinderella tells the story of Dung and Khoa. When Dung was a child, he used to be close and liked a little girl, he often called her "his cinderella" but then the girl moved house and Dung lost contact since then. Later, as an adult, Dung became a chef for a small restaurant, but then lost his job and was chased by a gang, and was fortunately saved by Doctor Khoa in a blood-soaked state. At this time, Dung accidentally discovered that Khoa was the "Cinderella" that he liked in his childhood. Will Dung overcome the thought barrier to come to Khoa's side? And did the appearance of Huynh - Khoa's ex-lover cause this relationship to fall apart?


11 Months and 5 Days

11 Months and 5 Days 2021


A young woman leaves Ho Chi Minh City to start a new career. She has to face many problems in a new life alone.


How Beautiful Life is Still

How Beautiful Life is Still 2023


In a poor market, a woman tries for five years to pay off the debt left by her husband, who was dead at sea. Meanwhile, a man who grew up under the bridge raises his son to go to college alone and considers it all hope and pride for the future.


Giant Not Husband

Giant Not Husband 2015


Story full of people with the facts tortuous, fascinating life of sometimes bumpy close girlfriend and Xuan Lam Tra My. Along poverty, they must dropout, but Lam Tra and lucky to have a friend is Le Nguyen, a river guy sincere, passionate animal books and dreams of becoming a doctor of law. Thus, two girls are exposed to the literary world and amassed extensive knowledge.


Chess Warriors

Chess Warriors 2000


The top expert of the Central Plains and the top expert of the Khiet Dan clan battled each other in a game of chess. But this chess game is very special in that the chess pieces are real heroes in real life. The movie Chess Warriors has the participation of famous actor Truong Ve Kien. Needless to say, the roles he plays bring laughter to the audience with humorous details. The 20-episode film Chess Warriors was released in 1999 and will make you satisfied when watching.


Love Hill

Love Hill 2005


After many years, Nam still longs for his first love. He comes back to Da Lat with his 3 sons in order to find her.


Suddenly Want to Cry

Suddenly Want to Cry 2008


Bao Nam is a 21 year-old and good-looking guy. His favorite past times include partying, spending his parents' money, and more partying. One night while Bao Nam was drunk, he got into trouble with a local gang and was rescued by Truc. Truc is an 18 year-old, generous, and strong-willed girl who makes a living by selling used books on the street. Truc loves to be surrounded by books even though she is illiterate. Her dream is to save enough money so that she can open a small bookstore. Later, she was given a chance to realize her dream when Bao Nam's parents asked to make a deal with her - to teach their son how to become a decent and responsible person in exchange for money to open a small bookstore.


Don't Vex a Mom!

Don't Vex a Mom! 2022


An 18-year-old girl is about to enter university. The incident occurs when her sister has an accident, causing her not only to lose her home but also to adopt a new baby born to her sister.



ViAn 2023


New O2 Production Boy's Love Series


Love Bill

Love Bill 2022


A romance that arises after a collection of a financial debt.