Shayda 2023


Shayda, a young Iranian woman living in Australia, finds refuge in a women’s shelter with her 6-year-old daughter, Mona. Having fled her husband, Hossein, and filed for divorce, Shayda struggles to maintain normalcy for Mona. Buoyed by the approach of Nowruz, she tries to forge a fresh start with new and unfettered freedoms. But when a judge grants Hossein visitation rights, he reenters their life, stoking Shayda’s fear that he’ll attempt to take Mona back to Iran.


The Seed of the Sacred Fig

The Seed of the Sacred Fig 2024


Iman, an investigating judge in the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, grapples with mistrust and paranoia as nationwide political protests intensify and his gun mysteriously disappears. Suspecting the involvement of his wife Najmeh and his daughters Rezvan and Sana, he imposes drastic measures at home, causing tensions to rise. Step by step, social norms and the rules of family life are being suspended.


Holy Spider

Holy Spider 2022


A journalist descends into the dark underbelly of the Iranian holy city of Mashhad as she investigates the serial killings of sex workers by the so called "Spider Killer", who believes he is cleansing the streets of sinners.


Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry 1997


A middle-aged Tehranian man, Mr. Badii is intent on killing himself and seeks someone to bury him after his demise. Driving around the city, the seemingly well-to-do Badii meets with numerous people, including a Muslim student, asking them to take on the job, but initially he has little luck. Eventually, Badii finds a man who is up for the task because he needs the money, but his new associate soon tries to talk him out of committing suicide.


Children of Heaven

Children of Heaven 1997


Zohre's shoes are gone; her older brother Ali lost them. They are poor, there are no shoes for Zohre until they come up with an idea: they will share one pair of shoes. School awaits.


About Elly

About Elly 2009


The mysterious disappearance of a kindergarten teacher during a picnic in the north of Iran is followed by a series of misadventures for her fellow travelers.



Close-Up 1990


This fiction-documentary hybrid uses a sensational real-life event—the arrest of a young man on charges that he fraudulently impersonated the well-known filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf—as the basis for a stunning, multilayered investigation into movies, identity, artistic creation, and existence, in which the real people from the case play themselves.


Law of Tehran

Law of Tehran 2019


Samad is nobody’s fool. The narcotics officer has seen his share of a drug dealer’s lies and games, and his patience has come to run thin. While searching for the infamous drug baron Nasser Khakzad, he and his colleague Hamid scour the streets of Tehran, turning an overcrowded prison on its head. With his rough and dubious approach, Samad finally manages to find the criminal’s whereabouts – but things do not quite go according to plan...


Life, and Nothing More…

Life, and Nothing More… 1992


After the earthquake of Guilan, a film director and his son travel to the devastated area to search for the actors from the movie the director made there a few years previously. In their search, they see how people who have lost everything in the earthquake still have hope and try to live life to the fullest.


Where Is The Friend's House?

Where Is The Friend's House? 1987


An 8 year old boy must return his friend's notebook he took by mistake, lest his friend be punished by expulsion from school.


A Separation

A Separation 2011


A married couple are faced with a difficult decision - to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimer's disease.


Under the Shadow

Under the Shadow 2016


After Shideh's building is hit by a missile during the Iran-Iraq War, a superstitious neighbor suggests that the missile was cursed and might be carrying malevolent Middle-Eastern spirits. She becomes convinced a supernatural force within the building is attempting to possess her daughter Dorsa, and she has no choice but to confront these forces if she is to save her daughter and herself.


Leila's Brothers

Leila's Brothers 2022


At the age of 40, Leila has spent her entire life caring for her parents and four brothers. A family that is constantly arguing and under pressure from various debts in the face of sanctions against Iran. While her brothers are struggling to make ends meet, Leila makes a plan.


Tehran Taboo

Tehran Taboo 2017


The lives of three strong-willed women and a young musician cross paths in Tehran’s schizophrenic society where sex, adultery, corruption, prostitution and drugs coexist with strict religious law. In this bustling modern metropolis, avoiding prohibition has become an everyday sport and breaking taboos can be a means of personal emancipation.


A Hero

A Hero 2021


Rahim is in prison because of a debt he was unable to repay. During a two-day leave, he tries to convince his creditor to withdraw his complaint against the payment of part of the sum. But things don't go as planned. Is he truly a hero?


Through the Olive Trees

Through the Olive Trees 1994


Complications arise in a director's attempt to film a scene in Life, and Nothing more... (1992).


The Wind Will Carry Us

The Wind Will Carry Us 1999


Irreverent city engineer Behzad comes to a rural Kurdish village in Iran to keep vigil for a dying relative. In the meanwhile the film follows his efforts to fit in with the local community and how he changes his own attitudes as a result.


The Salesman

The Salesman 2016


Forced out of their apartment due to dangerous works on a neighboring building, Emad and Rana move into a new flat in the center of Tehran. An incident linked to the previous tenant will dramatically change the young couple’s life.


Hit the Road

Hit the Road 2021


A chaotic family is on a road trip across a rugged landscape. In the back seat, Dad has a broken leg, Mom tries to laugh when she's not holding back tears, and the youngest keeps exploding into car karaoke. Only the older brother is quiet.


The Color of Paradise

The Color of Paradise 1999


The story revolves around a blind boy named Mohammed who is released from his special school in Tehran for summer vacation. His father, shamed and burdened by Mohammed's blindness, arrives late to pick him up and then tries to convince the headmaster to keep Mohammed over the summer. The headmaster refuses, so Mohammed's father eventually takes him home.


Viper Of Tehran

Viper Of Tehran 2024


The adventures of a movie director who gets involved in a murder case.


Bitter Coffee

Bitter Coffee 2010


The series begins with history teacher Nima Zande-Karimi (Siamak Ansari) realizing that his extensive research on Persian and world history is of little use to financing his day-to-day life. He is about to leave Tehran for good to go back to his hometown by the name of Darab, when he comes across young university student Roya Atabaki (Sahar Jafari-Jozani) who is researching for her final year dissertation, which is regarding the period 1198–1203, that is said to be a period of turmoil for Iran's ruling elite. Such turmoil that, very few books are available on that period for Roya's research. It is then that Nima receives an anonymous telephone call, which leads him to Niavaran Palace (currently a museum), where he is told to have a coffee and wait. The coffee (which is bitter) is ready and he duly drinks it, his sight becomes hazy, and when he manages to refocus he is in the year 1201 (1822 AD), and the story develops therein.


Barareh Nights

Barareh Nights 2005


The show stars Mehran Modiri, as Shir Farhad, the son of Lower Barare's khan, or leader. He lives with his sister, Saharnaz; mother, Shadone; and father, Salar Khan. The show begins when a journalist, Kiyanush, from Tehran is arrested for writing an article criticizing the government, escapes capture, and then is bitten by a snake. Shir Farhad finds him collapsed and brings him to the village of Barare, nurtures him to health, and gradually introduces him to the town and the other characters in the show, such as the families of Upper and Lower Barare's Khans, as well as the flamboyant village poet, Baguri, and village doctor. Later in the series, new characters such as the village gendarme and Upper Barare's Khan's son and daughter, Keivun and Leilun, join the cast. Davune doesn't appear in this.


Prophet Joseph

Prophet Joseph 2009


This story basically follows the most important happenings in Prophet Josephs life, from the view of muslims. The most important happenings are: 1. his travel to egypt 2. his rise and growing up in Egypt 3. his life problems when his "owner" Zuleikha falls in love with him and wants him to return the love to him. 4. his stay in prison, and how he reforms the prisoners. 5. his return by the side of the Pharao. 6. his uprising to the side of the pharao as his advisor. 7. his brothers coming to egypt, and how he decides to make them regret their mistakes so they can receive forgivness, and peace. 8. his reunion with his family after more than 20 years.



Shahrzad 2015


A romantic historical drama set around and after the 1953 Iranian coup d'état.


Made In Iran

Made In Iran 2012


Koroush Afsharjam (Behnam Tashakor) is an unpopular Iranian scientist that invents a new powder that can turn dirty liquid into drinkable water. He gets a call from Paris indicating that he could come to Paris and announce his new invention to the world. After he gets in a car crash, laying on the ground, Gholam (Amin Hayaei) decides to still his samsonite bag without any idea of what it holds. After Gholam becomes wanted by the police, he decides to use Koroosh's passport to go to Paris. After finding out what the powder does, he decides to sell it and get the money at any cost. His stupid brain and not knowing anything about English or Europe make this Hilarious character even better.



Jeyran 2022


The young Naser'eddin Shah recently ordered the assassination of his beloved Prime Minister Amir Kabir, and the court, the shrine, the government, and the country underwent significant changes. At the same time and in the village of Kuhsar Tajrish, Khadijeh, the daughter of Mohammad Ali Najjar, hid the joyful love of a young man named Siavash in her chest.



Paytakht 2011


Paytakht is a popular Iranian TV series portraying the life a Mazandarani family.



Dorehami 2016


Dorehami is an Iranian Telecast currently directed by Mehran Modiri. It aired on cable network IRIB Nasim on Thursdays at 21:00 and Fridays and Saturdays at 23:00 from March 18 to October 1, 2016 and continue from November 4.


Medical Center

Medical Center 2011


The story revolves around Nima Afshar a psychologist, getting underestimated by his family and colleagues constantly,and failing at all his attempts to have a place amongst doctors and society.


The North Pole

The North Pole 2024


While about to get married, Homayoun and Arqavan fall victim to a betrayal. Homayoun from behind the bars, is counting down the minutes to avenge Saman and death arrives. Arsham Yekta is born. A girl named Sahra keeps him company to pave the way for revenge for Arsham.


The Accomplice

The Accomplice 2020


The Saburi family is a large and old family that has been exporting and importing flowers and plants for many years. They still live in peace in an old house, the arrival of a young man in this family changes the lives of the whole family.


The GodFather

The GodFather 2022


A series in the continuation of the mafia series.


The Passengers

The Passengers 2009


Farrokh is a mid-aged man who lives with his brother Farid. They have a new family as their tenants but soon Farid discovers that they are alien who wants to research on Earth and send reports.



Aghazadeh 2020


About the child of a well-known character who performs his sinister goals by performing deceptive actions such as holding an art exhibition, investing, and helping charity.


Once Upon a Time, Mars

Once Upon a Time, Mars 2022


On the ground, Nasser, a down-on-his-luck petty criminal and perpetually losing bettor, is about to make the last and biggest gamble of his life. Until then, he must hide himself from the enemies who thirst for his blood... On Mars, Luna, the Earth-Mars lady and real estate consultant of the Martian residence, is busy with work and family life problems. He is waiting for a mysterious package that is going to reach him from the ground...



Hamrefigh 2020


Hamrefigh is a series of Home video performed and directed by Shahab Hosseini, which started broadcasting on December 10, 2020, produced by Hassan Khodadadi. In each episode of the program, the invited guest can introduce a person as a friend to be present in the program.



Tattersall 2007


Mansour and Shokouh are a mid-aged couple who own a 4 units apartment and live with their two daughters in it. After a while a Afghan worker named Shanbe comes there and makes some interacts with one of grooms of the family.


Mortal Wound

Mortal Wound 2021


Maleki is one of the managers of a successful company run by Rizabadi. Rizabadi instructs him to negotiate a major oil deal with the Norwegians. After signing the contract, the Norwegians want to transfer the contract amount, which is several million dollars to the company's account.


I Want To Be Alive

I Want To Be Alive 2021


Homa Haghi and her love are preparing with the Haghi family to surprise Homayoun, the father of her family on his birthday night. But when the father arrives, the whole family is surprised.