Al Helmeya Nights

Al Helmeya Nights 1987


The events revolve around the conflict between Salim Al-Badri (Yahya Al-Fakharani) and Mayor Suleiman Ghanem (Salah Al-Saadani) and Nazik Al-Selahdar (Safia Al-Omari) benefiting from this conflict in a way that serves your own goals, as Suleiman Ghanem came from the countryside to avenge his father Abdel-Tawab Ghanem, who died in prison Because of Ismail Al-Badri, Salim's father. The confrontation between them began when Suleiman Ghanem bought shares in the Salim Al-Badri Textiles Factory.


El Kebeer Awi

El Kebeer Awi 2010


Al Kabeer seeks to find love again after his wife was gone, unaware that what he is looking for is closer than he imagines.


Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride 2017


The show revolves around some social problems through the employee Abdul Hamid, whose feelings of happiness and anxiety are mixed when a young man proposes to marry his daughter. In his journey to afford the expenses of his daughter's marriage and taking care of his family, we go through the traditional problems of the Egyptian families nowadays and social differences.


Critical Moments

Critical Moments 2007


A medical drama about the stories of a large number of doctors, staff and patients at Dr. Galal's hospital, and the daily challenges that the hospital staff faces both in their work and their personal lives.


My Destiny and Your Destiny

My Destiny and Your Destiny 2016


Individual episodes tackle relationships between men and women, problems, and how they can be overcome to make the relationship work.


El Le'ba

El Le'ba 2020


The series revolves around the personality of a hotel manager named "Wassim", during which he is exposed to many comical situations with tourist destinations and others.


Girls' Tales

Girls' Tales 2012


The series of stories of girls in a romantic comedy about the lives of 4 girls, including friendship, love and success at work.


Diaries of a Very Angry Wife

Diaries of a Very Angry Wife 2015


Engi the journalist works with her husband in the same place, because of their different political views they experience funny social situations.



Kalabsh 2017


Selim al-Ansary is a morally-conscious police officer who is talented at his job. He is constantly criticized by those around him, even his mother, and is perceived as an evil person. When a murder inside the police station unjustly points to him as a suspect, he gets arrested, but he decides to escape to prove his innocence.


Wanees's Diaries

Wanees's Diaries 1994


Wanees and Maysa are proud parents who want what's best for their four children. They teach them what's right and wrong, and discover that they are also learning new things.



Al-Gama'a 2010


Al-Gama'a is an Egyptian television drama, Historical and Political drama series written by Wahid Hamid, directed by Mohammed Yasin and produced by Kamel Abu Ali. The series began filming in January 2010 with a budget of 50 million Egyptian pounds. The show deals with the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest Islamist political group, which was officially banned but nonetheless tolerated to an extent before the revolution. Critics have decried the show's pro-government stance, charging that it plays into the Egyptian government's agenda prior to the 2010 Egyptian parliamentary elections.


The Assassins

The Assassins 2024


The events take place in a historical context, in the 11th century, where the leader of the Assassins, Hassan al-Sabah, and his leadership of the band that was famous for carrying out bloody assassinations of prominent figures at that stage.


Farthest Neighbor

Farthest Neighbor 2017


A group of middle-class neighbors who live in the same building get exposed to situations regarding their way of living. They each face their own struggles, without the knowledge of their neighbors, even when faced with particularly complex problems.


Raafat Al Haggan

Raafat Al Haggan 1988


Revolves around a national epic in the files of the Egyptian intelligence on the biography of the Egyptian hero, Rifat Ali Suleiman Al-Jamal, who was planted inside the Israeli community to spy for the Egyptian intelligence. He was instrumental in preparing for the October War.


El Halal Mountain

El Halal Mountain 2014


The tale of "Mansour Abu Heiba" - the self-righteous patriarch of Abu Heiba family - from upper Egypt, one of the 5 largest organized crime dynasties in the world; the pioneers of arms trafficking and monuments merchandising in the Middle East. The series explores the organized crime scene in Egypt and the Middle East through the rise and fall of Abu Heiba, his relationship with the European Mafia and his struggle with keeping his family close.



Lu'lu' 2020


In the context of drama, the work deals with the story of Lu'lu', who dreams of becoming a famous singer and goes through many traumas and troubles during her journey.



Downtown 2022


After the death of their father, rivalry breaks out among his children when the eldest son discovers that his name has been excluded from the will.