The Auschwitz Report

The Auschwitz Report 2021


This is the true story of Freddy and Walter – two young Slovak Jews, who were deported to Auschwitz in 1942. On 10 April 1944, after meticulous planning, they manage to escape. While the inmates they had left behind courageously stand their ground against the Nazi officers, the two men are driven on by the hope that their evidence could save lives.


Avalanche of Love

Avalanche of Love 2022


Romantic comedy takes place during a wedding day of a bride-to-be Alex, whose big day keeps falling apart. Her neurotic mother controls every step she makes, her step father investigates a non-existing crime and her biological father, a bohemian owner of the hotel where the wedding takes place, is responsible for a missing groom. Chaos in the hotel suits the charming ski instructor Peter who convinces an introverted hotel guest Klara to help him create the most beautiful dinner date ever.


The Shop on Main Street

The Shop on Main Street 1965


In a small town in Nazi-occupied Slovakia during World War II, decent but timid carpenter Tono is named "Aryan comptroller" of a button store owned by an old Jewish widow, Rozalie. Since the post comes with a salary and standing in the town's corrupt hierarchy, Tono wrestles with greed and guilt as he and Rozalie gradually befriend each other. When the authorities order all Jews in town to be rounded up, Tono faces a moral dilemma unlike any he's known before.


The Teacher

The Teacher 2016


The principal of an elementary school calls a special parents meeting after it’s alleged that the seemingly empathetic and kindly-looking teacher Mrs. Drazděchová uses her students to manipulate their parents.


The Seven Ravens

The Seven Ravens 2015


The story of a young woman who takes it upon herself to save her brothers and rid them of a curse which they were put under by their mother.


The Chambermaid

The Chambermaid 2023


Just before World War 1, the fifteen-year-old poverty-stricken Anne from a small Slovak town is sent to Prague to be a maid in a wealthy family. She meets Resi, the daughter of a noble family, who was born and raised to be an adornment and a trophy – of the house, of her family, of Austria-Hungary. Anne and Resi, two girls born in the same year, but at the other ends of the social ladder, find a soulmate in each other. They become best friends, lovers and the only light in a male-dominated world.


The Feather Fairy

The Feather Fairy 1985


A fairy-tale about an old lady who takes care of snow and Jakub who does not fear death. It reflects the idea of people's longing for happiness, love and understanding, their effort to overcome troubles and win over death. It criticizes greed and evil desires.



Agáva 2016


A small border town in the south of Slovakia is surprised by the sudden arrival of respected builder Mr. Hampl and his young wife Nada. She catches the eye of an equally young local teacher, Daniel, who is still recovering from his military experience in The Second World War. At first, Nada tries to resist Daniel's charm but her decision is complicated by the scent of flowering agave in the hot summer air. When the agave after 30 years of sleep finally blooms, Nada's primary decision not to give in is permanently void... A simple love story on the surface opens into to a deep, psychological study set in the hot summer of 1947. The Second World War has just ended and the Communist coup is waiting in the wings to wipe nearly a whole generation of Slovak intelligentsia from the history.



Invalid 2023


Grumpy handyman Laco loses everything to a group of mobsters. Now wheelchair-bound and with his life spiraling, it's his new friend Gabo, a local Roma who helps Laco see things with a new perspective. Revenge is sweet.


King Thrushbeard

King Thrushbeard 1984


When a selfless king learns of a beautiful princess in a neighboring kingdom who callously turns down every suitor with an insult, he tries his luck to no avail. So, he hatches a plot with her father in which the princess is married to him, in disguise as a beggar, so he can teach her lessons about humility and compassion.


Broken Promise

Broken Promise 2009


Slovakia, on the eve of the outbreak of World War II. The family of the young Jewish Martin Friedmann gathers to celebrate his bar mitzvah and make a solemn promise that they will all meet again a year later around the same table; but the storms of war and anti-Semitic fanaticism will lead each of them down very different paths.


Summer Rebels

Summer Rebels 2020


Rowdy Jonas, 11, longs to spend the summer exploring the Slovakian countryside with his cool Grandpa Bernard, but his exasperated mother plans for him to go to the seaside instead. Jonas sneaks away from home and takes the train by himself to his grandpa’s. Upon arrival he finds his grandpa grumpy and moping. Luckily, his brave and tomboyish neighbor Alex befriends Jonas and together they create a scheme to raise money for a raft of their own. Their illegal racket creates an uproar in the village, lands Grandpa in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and causes Alex and Jonas’s friendship to fray. Will Jonas find a way to repair the mess?


Healing Waters

Healing Waters 2020


The Queen of the Waterland gives the King Juraj access to the water of life when his daughter is seriously ill. However, if the magic fluid falls into the wrong hands, it loses its power.


Three Daughters

Three Daughters 1968


A classical ballad motif about an aging father and his three daughters is quite unusually here set against the backdrop of Czechoslovakia of the 1950s. After having been expropriated, the former landowner Majda seeks refuge with his three daughters whom he had sent to a convent a long time ago. But only the youngest one is able to forgive him and she is willing to take care of him despite the threat of expulsion from the order.


The Line

The Line 2017


Criminal thriller about traffickers and smugglers from Ukrainian border. The feature film about the borders and the life on their edge.


Salt & Gold

Salt & Gold 1983


A fairy-tale about the power of love. The old king Pravoslav feels it is time to entrust the rule over his kingdom to one of his three daughters - the one that loves him the most. The youngest, Maruška, fails her father's expectations about proving how deep her love him is. He misunderstands her and she is made to leave the castle. She faces many dangers on the way to her loved one, the Salt Prince.


The Garden

The Garden 1995


Jakub's life arrived at a dead-end. He leaves his job, and gets into conflict with his father. The trouble just grows by his relation with a married woman. Breaking out, Jakub realizes the pleasures of the countryside in the old garden of his grandfather. He finds true love with an angel, and encounters various exciting moments of his new free life. Strange visitors arrive, and he wont get back to town anymore.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2019


Longtime friends and strangers mingle while spending the holiday on the snowy Slovakian mountains with an ample dose of ridiculousness and romance.


Mom for rent

Mom for rent 2023


Abandoned by his wife, Martin is lying to his daughter not to be upset. But as Hanka grows, these lies become unbearable. Martin meets Nada unexpectedly, asked her to be a rent-a-mother and all lives are completely changed.



SOS 2004




Farma 2011


Serbian version of the reality series The Farm.


The Slavs

The Slavs 2021


Young healer Draha finds a mortally wounded man in the wood. It is not clear from his appearance and clothes what tribe he belongs to. Due to Draha's healing skills, he manages to survive but he does not remember anything about his previous life. Draha names him Vlad.


The Neighbours

The Neighbours 2006


While married couples live side by side, but temperament, opinions and ways of life are quite different. They experience humorous situations based on misunderstandings and coincidences that life brings.