Joyland 2022


As a patriarchal family yearns for the birth of a son to continue their family line, their youngest son secretly joins an erotic dance theatre and falls for its transgender starlet.


The Donkey King

The Donkey King 2018


A lion decides that a new king shall take on the reins of Azad Nagar when he retires. When he retires a donkey is chosen as the king of Azad Nagar.



Pakeezah 1972


A beautiful courtesan is unable to break away from the cycle of prostitution until a forest ranger falls in love with her. Unfortunately, his wealthy parents oppose the union.


Teefa in Trouble

Teefa in Trouble 2018


Teefa goes to Poland to get Anya to Pakistan to marry Butt gangster's son but lands up in trouble with Anya's gangster father and the Polish police.


Umro Ayyar – A New Beginning

Umro Ayyar – A New Beginning 1970


Umru Ayyar is an 80's-90's hero character from the very famous story Talism Hoshruba & Dastaan-e-Amir Hamza.



Ruposh 2022


Ruposh is a passionate and soul-stirring tale of romance that perfectly embodies the agonizing pain suffered in love. As the feeling of love slowly escalates into obsession, sorrow and grief are destined to follow.


Silent Waters

Silent Waters 2003


Ayesha is a widow with a secret past, living with her beloved son Saleem in a small town in Pakistan close to the Indian border. When the fires of Islamic nationalism invade their tranquil lives, Saleem and a few of the town's other young men are soon gripped by a religious fervour, and they attempt to bring radical Islamic law to their friends and neighbours. After a group of Sikh pilgrims arrive in town, tensions reach boiling point as Ayesha's haunted past comes rushing back.



Dukhtar 2014


In the mountains of Pakistan, a mother and her ten-year-old daughter flee their home on the eve of the girl's marriage to a tribal leader. A deadly hunt for them begins.



Jinnah 1998


Biography of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of modern Pakistan is told through flashbacks as his soul tries to find eternal rest. The flashbacks start in 1947 as Jinnah pleads for a separate nation for the Muslim minority, infuriating Lord Mountbatten. Mountbatten then tries to enlist Gandhi & Nehru to persuade Jinnah to stop his efforts. Gandhi sides with Jinnah, which upsets Nehru. However, Jinnah turns down the offer to become prime minister and the film takes another slide back to 1916, which reveals all of the political implications that have occurred.


Mirza Ghalib

Mirza Ghalib 1988


This is the about the most admired poet in the History of Urdu and Persian writings, Mirza Ghalib


In the Name of God

In the Name of God 2007


The film is about the difficult situation in which the Pakistanis in particular and the Muslims in general are caught up since 9/11. There is a war going on between the Fundamentalists and the Liberal Muslims. This situation is creating a drift not only between the Western world and the Muslims, but also within the Muslims. The educated and modern Muslims are in a difficult situation because of their approach towards life and their western attire. They are criticized and harassed by the fundamentalists and on the other hand the Western world sees them as potential suspects of terrorism just because of their Muslim names.



O21 2014


Two men only have 21 hours to stop a war between Afghanistan and Pakistan. An Afghan militant steals a microchip containing the names of people who want to exploit Afghanistan's mineral reserves.


Ho Mann Jahaan

Ho Mann Jahaan 2015


Three college friends are passionate for music and face difficulties for their common dream.


Poppay Ki Wedding

Poppay Ki Wedding 2024


A contemporary boy returns to his traditional hometown for his sister's wedding, soon discovering his own proposal finalized with a girl he's never seen. Challenging family customs, his sole mission is to at least see the face of his future bride-to-be.



Kamli 2022


A young married woman, who lives with her blind sister-in-law, has been waiting eight years for her husband to return home. One day she is about to drown in the nearby pond when a mysterious wanderer named Amaltas rescues her, unexpectedly changing her life and putting her in a dilemma between her husband and her savior. Will she be able to restrain the force of desire or will she give in to temptation?


Na Maloom Afraad 2

Na Maloom Afraad 2 2017


After three hapless souls plan a big heist, things go hysterically wrong along the way.


In Flames

In Flames 2023


After the death of the family patriarch, a mother and daughter’s precarious existence is ripped apart. They must find strength in each other if they are to survive the malevolent forces that threaten to engulf them.



Tamanna 2014


The story of a struggling actor who meets Mian Tariq Ali, a relic of the once thriving film industry. The struggling actor is there to convince Ali to divorce his wife. A contest of male dominance between the two men ensues, starting quite reasonably, playfully even, but eventually turning angry and violent.


Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay 2016


It's the story of a young couple struggling with challenges of life. Both are aggressive and follow their own thoughts which affect their relationship. Their reunion becomes complicated gradually.


Rewind with Samina Peerzada

Rewind with Samina Peerzada 2017


Each episode features a Pakistani celebrity interviewed by Peerzada about their journeys, struggles, challenges and success.


Coke Studio

Coke Studio 2008


Coke Studio is a Pakistani music television series which features live studio music performances by various artists, started in June 2008, originating from the Brazilian show, Estúdio Coca-Cola. The show is produced by Coca-Cola Company and Strings Band. Coke Studio has been popular, receiving critical acclaim and frequently being rebroadcast on television and radio in Pakistan.


Aap Ki Adalat

Aap Ki Adalat 1992


The host invites various personalities who must defend themselves in light of their recent controversies and against the accusations levied on them by the public.


Lux Style Awards

Lux Style Awards 2002


The Lux Style Awards is the largest award ceremony held annually in Pakistan since 2002. The awards celebrate "style" in the Pakistani entertainment industry, and it is the oldest event dedicated to cinema, television, fashion, music and film industry in Pakistan.


Nadia Khan Show

Nadia Khan Show 2006


This show features interviews with celebrities, subject matter experts and members of the public.


Kis Ki Aayegi Baraat

Kis Ki Aayegi Baraat 2009


It is loosely based on the marriage ceremonies took place in a family of Punjabi's in Punjab.


Suno Chanda

Suno Chanda 2018


The series revolves around two people who hate each other but their families want them to marry. They make some plans to cancel their wedding but slowly get in love.


Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi

Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi 2022


Shamsher, the spoilt son of a business tycoon, falls in love with Mehar, an innocent girl with a promising future and her father's angel. Their lives contrastably shift as they are brought together and apart by love, anger, jealousy, fear, and much more.


Hum Tehray Gunahgaar

Hum Tehray Gunahgaar 2014


Gunehgaar is the story of a successful businessman Zakaria, his kind and cancer-stricken wife Aisha, their kids and two adopted children. Zakaria’s adopted son Ramal Ali is in love with Malaika and on Malaika’s father’s insistence, the couple secretly gets married. Owing to her deteriorating condition, Aisha takes some decisions for her children which bring major upheavals in their lives.


Voice Over Man

Voice Over Man 2017


The host Wajahat Rauf as Voice Over Man interviews the guest celebrities in a funny way.


Prem Gali

Prem Gali 2020


The story begins with a band of bachelors Hamza and his widowers elders includes; his grandfather, father Hatim and paternal uncle Luqman; shifting to their new home in a small, lively colony called Prem Gali. The moment Hamza steps in the neighborhood, his eyes land on the pretty Joya, and in a clichéd-turn-of-events, she becomes love at first sight for him.


Ye Mera Deewanapan Hai

Ye Mera Deewanapan Hai 2015


The story of a miserable lad, Jahangir who grew up in a hostile home with a habitually abusive father who constantly taunts his wife and bullies his son. His life gets more difficult when it reveals on his family that he is in love with a woman much older than him.



Khaani 2017


After a rich politician's son kills a young woman's brother, an unlikely romantic connection complicates her pursuit of justice.



Sammi 2017


The series centers social issues on the rural society revolving around the concept of Vanni, the series shows moral lessons against common issues such as gender discrimination. Depicting the Vanni concept storyline revolves around the journey of Sammi, a young girl who was sold off by her family to the Chaudhry family where her brother had killed her fiancé. Simultaneously it revolves around reality based issues with different characters within the same plot.



Sang-e-Mah 2022


Sang-e-Mah is the second series in the trilogy preceded by Sang-e-Mar Mar. It follows the story of a family who belong to the tribal regions of Pakistan. The drama reveals how people sacrifice their lives and love because of a untruthful traditions.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi Gulzar Hai 2012


A school teacher was left by her husband with her 3 daughters and marries another women for the sake of getting a male child. The story focuses on gender biasness and the difference between the classes in terms of the affluence level.



Jaan'nisar 2016


The story of a young and bright police officer who is gifted with exemplary skills in the line of duty


Ishq Mein Kafir

Ishq Mein Kafir 2018


The story revolves around a family whose life was destroyed due to the consequences of black magic. Salima believes in black magic and keeps going to these people for amulets and other things to solve her family problems. On the other hand, the story also revolves around the lifestyle of Ujala, Salima's teenage daughter who starts practicing black magic to obtain her love Fahad who is in love with Dua.