Goyo 2024


A young autistic museum guide lives by a strict routine — until he falls in love with his coworker and must confront a whirlwind of new, intense emotions.


My Fault

My Fault 2023


Noah must leave her city, boyfriend, and friends to move into William Leister's mansion, the flashy and wealthy husband of her mother Rafaela. As a proud and independent 17 year old, Noah resists living in a mansion surrounded by luxury. However, it is there where she meets Nick, her new stepbrother, and the clash of their strong personalities becomes evident from the very beginning.


La Familia del Barrio: La Película

La Familia del Barrio: La Película 2024


El Noruego travels back in time and accidentally prevents the War of Independence by getting Miguel Hidalgo drunk before giving the cry.


El Halcón: Sed de Venganza

El Halcón: Sed de Venganza 2023


Criminals control Mexico and wrestling is now illegal. A retired fighter and a policewoman join forces to stop the perfidious criminal who has kidnapped her son.


It’s for Your Own Good

It’s for Your Own Good 2024


Horrified by the new girlfriends of their respective sons, three sisters-in-law – Clara, a socialite, Matis, a widowed professional, and Nena, a naive housewife – make an alliance to get rid of their undesirable daughters-in-law.


The Sleeping Woman

The Sleeping Woman 2024


Ana, a nursing assistant, begins to feel attracted to Agustín, the husband of the woman in a vegetative state that she has been hired to take care of. Soon she begins to be harassed by strange paranormal phenomena that seem to try to throw her out of the house and separate her from Agustín.



Burga 2023


Elena wakes up in a mental hospital room with no memory of anything. They tell her that she suffers from amnesia and that she suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. However, nothing is what it seems, and Elena will have to find a way to escape from there while fighting to keep her sanity and not confuse hallucinations with reality.


The Abbess

The Abbess 2024


In the 9th century, Emma, a 17-year-old girl, is named Abbess in order to repopulate and Christianize border territories in conflict with the Moors. Upon arriving at the Abbey she will have to overcome the mistrust aroused by a woman determined to fulfill her mission, which will lead her to confront nobles, peasants and the nuns themselves. Despite everything, Emma will show that it is possible to challenge established power structures. Although she will pay a high price to get it...


Through My Window 3: Looking at You

Through My Window 3: Looking at You 2024


After the events of the summer, Ares and Raquel they don't see a way forward in their relationship and decide to go separate ways. But when they meet again in the winter in Barcelona, the love and desire they feel for each other is undeniable. Will they be able to find a way to get back together?


Entre primas se arrima

Entre primas se arrima 2023


Un hombre hereda su fortuna a un sobrino y dos sobrinas durante su vida, con la condición de que pasen unos días juntos y no pase nada entre ellos."Entre Primas Se Arrima" — comedy movie produced in Mexico and released in 2023. It is a feature-length film with a runtime of 1h 34min.


The Champion

The Champion 2024


Diego has just been voted best young player in Europe and at the age of 20 he is on his way to making his team, Atlético de Madrid, champions of La Liga. But his impulsive and conflictive character makes the club, fed up with his excesses, hire Álex, a withdrawn and lonely psychology professor, to improve his behaviour. The two will have no choice but to learn to understand each other.


Robot Dreams

Robot Dreams 2023


Dog lives in Manhattan and he's tired of being alone. One day he decides to build himself a robot, a companion. Their friendship blossoms, until they become inseparable, to the rhythm of '80s NYC. One summer night, Dog, with great sadness, is forced to abandon Robot at the beach. Will they ever meet again?


Sayen: The Huntress

Sayen: The Huntress 2024


Realizing that she cannot take down Fisk alone, Sayen teams up with an underground resistance group with a plan to expose and end Fisk's unchecked plundering once and for all.


Sing and Don't Cry

Sing and Don't Cry 2024


A matriarchal family runs a taco food truck, navigating between artistic aspirations and daily frustrations while raising a member's daughter.



Nowhere 2023


A young pregnant woman named Mia escapes from a country at war by hiding in a maritime container aboard a cargo ship. After a violent storm, Mia gives birth to the child while lost at sea, where she must fight to survive.


Wild Awakening

Wild Awakening 2016


Toni and Emma are brother and sister who owns a stable farm. Ramon and his son, Aaron works for them. Toni is openly gay and loves to party, Emma has a crush on Aaron who is a closeted gay who is afraid that his father might find out, but his father also has a secret.


The Servant

The Servant 2023


Domestic service worker Lera is accused of a crime. In a cell in the premises of a Civil Guard barracks, she meets Mihaela and Julia, two prostitutes with whom she shares the story of Santa Vicenta María, founder of the Religious of Mary Immaculate, which she says saved her life.


El Cor de la Ciutat

El Cor de la Ciutat 2000


El cor de la ciutat is a TVC television soap opera first broadcast on TV3 on 11 September 2000 and last broadcast on 23 December 2009. The show is the most watched fiction program in Catalonia, Spain, especially among female audiences, drawing around 28-33% of the audience with as much as 40% during season finales. El cor de la ciutat follows the lives of the people who live and work in the neighbourhood of Sants and Sant Andreu in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.


El hormiguero

El hormiguero 2006


El Hormiguero is a Spanish television program with a live audience focusing on comedy, science, and politics running since September 2006. It is hosted and produced by screenwriter Pablo Motos. The show aired on Spain's Cuatro channel from launch until June 2011 and is now broadcast on Antena 3. Recurring guests on the show include Luis Piedrahita, Raquel Martos, Marron & "The Man in Black", and puppet ants Trancas and Barrancas. It has proved a ratings success, and has expanded from a weekly 120-minute show to a daily 40-minute show in its third season, which began on September 17, 2007. The show won the Entertainment prize at the 2009 Rose d'Or ceremony.


Yo soy Bea

Yo soy Bea 2006


Yo soy Bea is a Spanish television comedy-drama series which aired on Telecinco from 10 July 2006 to 16 August 2009. The series is an adaptation of the popular Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea. Ruth Núñez played the title role of Beatriz "Bea" Pérez Pinzón and Alejandro Tous played Álvaro Aguilar, Bea's love interest. Yo soy Bea translates to "I am Bea"; it is a pun, with "Bea" sounding like bella, meaning pretty, and like fea, meaning ugly. The Spanish adaptation screened weekdays during the daytime and pulled in, on average, over four million viewers. The series' record is a 42,1% share. It was Spain's top rated daytime programme.



Merlí 2015


He’s surly, unorthodox, unapologetically blunt, and he’s about to change your life. Meet the new philosophy teacher, Merlí, who will help his students view the world in a whole new light, both in and out of the classroom.


Cuéntame cómo pasó

Cuéntame cómo pasó 2001


Recounts the experiences of a middle-class family, the Alcántaras, during the last years of the rule of Francisco Franco and the beginning of the Spanish Transition to democracy.


Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel 2011


A young man arrives at the Grand Hotel, an ideal place in the middle of the wilderness to investigate his sister's disappearance. What he ignores is that he's about to meet his greater love: the pretty and seductive daughter of the Hotel's owner. Between this young couple, of different social classes, a very passionate love will be born. A dangerous romance will be entwined with the mysteries and secrets hidden between the walls of the Grand Hotel. In The Grand Hotel no one is who we think it is, no one is free of hazards or suspicious. A complex web of lies, secrets and betrayal awaits...


The Boarding School

The Boarding School 2007


El Internado Laguna Negra was a Spanish television drama-thriller focusing on the students of a fictional boarding school in a forest, where teenagers are sent by their parents to study. The boarding school is situated in a forest far from the city, on the outskirts on which macabre events occur. The series debut on 24 May 2007, and is a production of Antena 3. Although the show is recorded and produced in HD, it is only broadcast in SD. However, an HD Blu-ray Disc release has been announced.


La que se avecina

La que se avecina 2007


La que se avecina is a Spanish television comedy created by Alberto Caballero, Laura Caballero and Daniel Deorador. The TV-series focusing around the inhabitants of Mirador de Montepinar, a fictional building located on the outskirts of a big city. Both its storylines and cast are heavily based on Aquí no hay quien viva, which ended when Telecinco bought Miramón Mendi, the series production company. The episodes debuted on the Telecinco network, and were later rerun by the same network as well as cable/satellite channels FactoríaDeFicción and Paramount Comedy. The series debuted in 22 April 2007 and became popular thanks to its funny characters, witty script, use of catchphrases and capacity to integrate and poke fun at contemporary issues; the program presents a caustic satire of many of the 'types' found in Spanish society. The name of the show involves wordplay, as "vecina" is the Spanish word for neighbour.



Isabel 2012


Charting the life of Isabella I of Castile, one of the most important women in Spain’s history, Isabel follows her passionate story from childhood to being crowned Queen. From her political struggles within King Henry IV's court to her wedding to Ferdinand of Aragon, the drama encapsulates the passions, emotions and sacrifices of a woman who refused to just be a figurehead and whose outlook was ahead of her time.


Operación triunfo

Operación triunfo 2001


Reality-show talent contest aimed to find the country's next solo singing sensation, putting a selection of hopefuls through their paces by getting them to sing a variety of cover versions of popular songs, with tutoring from various professionals.



Elite 2018


When three working class kids enroll in the most exclusive school in Spain, the clash between the wealthy and the poor students leads to tragedy.


Locked Up

Locked Up 2015


Set up to take the blame for corporate fraud, young Macarena Ferreiro is locked up in a high-security women's prison surrounded by tough, ruthless criminals in this tense, provocative Spanish thriller.


Acacias 38

Acacias 38 2015


Acacias 38, the address of a stately apartment building where our stories unfold, is set in 1899 and tells the story of a group of maids and the bourgeois families they serve, in a single block in a distinguished neighborhood of a large Spanish city. Two worlds colliding in a universe of crossed lives.