Werckmeister Harmonies

Werckmeister Harmonies 2001


A mysterious circus excites a small Hungarian town into a rebellion when a promised act doesn't perform.



Satantango 1994


Inhabitants of a small village in Hungary deal with the effects of the fall of Communism. The town's source of revenue, a factory, has closed, and the locals, who include a doctor and three couples, await a cash payment offered in the wake of the shuttering. Irimias, a villager thought to be dead, returns and, unbeknownst to the locals, is a police informant. In a scheme, he persuades the villagers to form a commune with him.


Dear Mr. Wonderful

Dear Mr. Wonderful 1982


Ruby Dennis is an middle-aged man with an unfulfilled ambition as a singer. As he begins to pursue that ambition, his family falls apart.


The Man from London

The Man from London 2007


A switchman at a seaside railway witnesses a murder but does not report it after he finds a suitcase full of money at the scene of the crime.


The Passenger – Welcome to Germany

The Passenger – Welcome to Germany 1988


An American filmmaker travels to modern day Berlin to make a film based on a real-life incident from 1942 in which 13 Jewish prisoners from a concentration camp were promised freedom if they appeared in a German propaganda film. Unfortunately, the Germans lied. The psychological process undergone by the modern filmmaker while shooting the story provides the basis of this arty and challenging film.


Gorilla Bathes at Noon

Gorilla Bathes at Noon 1993


A Red Army major caught between East and West Berlin finds his wife gone and somebody else moved into his apartment.


Put on Ice

Put on Ice 1980


In the late 1970s the German secret service fights against RAF terrorism and searches for constitutional enemies in the public service. Teacher Brasch implicates secret service agent Körner and the government in the suicide of a young teen. As a result Brasch and the exposed Körner are fired.


The Mistake

The Mistake 1992


It is 1988. Jacob (Gottfried John), from Hamburg in West Germany, falls in love with Elisabeth (Angelica Domröse) in East Germany. When they secretly meet in East Berlin, it seems the Stasi (secret police) knows about it. When Jacob visits her village, someone informs on him and he is deported. Elisabeth knows who begrudges her this love and takes her revenge. Critics note that in this film, director Heiner Carow revisits the themes of his 1972 smash hit, The Legend of Paul and Paula, which became a cult film throughout Germany.


Angels of Iron

Angels of Iron 1981


The subject of this historical drama is a splintering Berlin in the years of 1948 and 1949. Played against the backdrop of social upheaval, the characters in the drama come to epitomize the best and worst of each pole of the political sphere. A 17-year-old hoodlum by the name of Gladow works hand-in-glove with a local white-collar criminal to rob and pillage every day and night, defying capture. While he and his gang of thugs are terrorizing the people of Berlin, the Soviets are trying to make the blockade of their region of control impermeable. The future casts long shadows over the drama, as Berlin's problems take the shape of times to come.



David 1979


Although members of the Hitler Youth chant anti-Semitic paroles in front of his house during the Purim festival, Rabbi Singer is still profoundly convinced that Germany will stay a safe country for him, his family, and his fellow believers. But several years later, his son David is banned from going to school because he is a Jew. Shortly after, Rabbi Singer and his wife are deported. Now, young David also fears for his life. In constant fear of being detected, he tries to find a way to leave Germany.



Milo-Milo 1979


Set in the greek island Milos, this action comedy follows a group of people searching for the actual Venus de Milo


Days to Remember

Days to Remember 1987


They meet in Yugoslavia. Katharina, daughter of a Yugoslavian immigrant worker, has grown up in the Federal Republic of Germany. She is a confident, energetic career woman who has managed to work her way up to become a successful television journalist. She goes to visit her parent's country, to do a story about the children of immigrant workers in their home country. Although she says she doesn´t need a "home" any more, even she feels strange in her own country. Peter is a rather "untypical" sort of man: a dreamer, a thinker. He has given up his steady job as a composer for advertising films and is divorced. He goes to Jugoslavia to find something out about the past. He travels to the places where his father was stationed during the Second World War.


Bella Donna

Bella Donna 1983


This film of a glitzy showbiz world by director Peter Keglevic in his first feature-length effort recounts the saga of a married torch singer whose numerous lovers are meant to steady her nerves and a saxophone player who loves her but cannot get his own act together. Singing and cinematography are pluses.


The Autograph

The Autograph 1984


The bandoneon player Daniel and the boxer Toni arrive independently from each other in a provincial town in Latin America where they are booked to perform at a folk festival. Both of them are completely apolitical but are forced by external circumstances to take a political position. Toni falls in love with the daughter of an influential attorney but has to keep his love a secret. Meanwhile, Daniel learns about the atrocities committed by the Junta from the town’s residents.



Revenge 1986


After 15 years spent working in Germany, forty-something-year-old Nada is getting divorced. Her husband is returning to the home country, opens the mechanic shop and starts a new life with his new young wife. To prevent Nada from returning home, he starts spreading the word about her misconducts. But Nada also knows the ways of the old community, therefore she comes back in a brand new Mercedes, accompanied by a young German.


Verlorene Landschaft

Verlorene Landschaft 1992


Elias, born at the end of the war, receives an anonymous phone call on his 47th birthday: his parents are dead. He is now a successful politician, but thirty years ago he had fled from his home and parents in the East to seek a new life in the West. The return to his parental home causes Elias a sense of unease and disturbs the rigid order and complacency of his life.


Back to Square One

Back to Square One 1994


Movie-making cliches are parodied in this German comedy which features to warring actresses, meddling producers, indulgent directors, and an ignored writer. Not only must they contend with each other, they must also deal with the bankers who have the power to shut them down at any moment. The story begins at the premier of director Viktor Rote's newest film "The Tin Cat," which stars his popular wife Riki Rote. The film's writer and Viktor's brother Richard is miffed when he is not allowed into the screening. Viktor's ambitious mistress and aspiring star the Nina is also not invited in. The film is a hit so Rote is allowed to begin his new film by producer George Kuballa. George is also head of the studio. His rich and frequently rejected wife is Lore, a major financial studio backer who prefers spending her time consorting with her handsome young chauffeur.



Dunckel 1999


Three young men kill two policemen after a chaotic bank raid; a problem which forces the trio to make a desperate escape across the border to Poland.


The Uprising

The Uprising 1980


This movie is about the liberation by the Sandinistas of the Anastasio Somoza regime in NIcaragua. The movie covers some of te key points in the fight for León, a city close to the capital Managua, and the first liberated territory. Many of the inhabitants of León who participated in the guerrilla and members of the sandinista army participated in the film.


Der achte Tag

Der achte Tag 1990


A medical doctor who is regarded as a specialist in retort research has been found dead. Science journalist Vera Pukall investigates the alleged suicide and uncovers the ruthless activities of a large pharmaceutical company. She receives help from Dr. Svoboda, of all people, the group's main stockholder.