Crimen imperfecto

Crimen imperfecto 1970


Two private detectives called Salomon (Fernando Fernan-Gomez) and Torcuato (Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez), are engaged in questionable conduct research and work reports


God's Crooked Lines

God's Crooked Lines 2022


Alice Gould, a private investigator, pretends to be mentally ill in order to enter a psychiatric hospital and gather evidence for the case she is working on: the death of a patient in unclear circumstances.


Watch Out, We're Mad

Watch Out, We're Mad 1974


After a tied 1st place in a local stunt race, two drivers start a contest to decide who of them will own the prize, a dune buggy. But when a mobster destroys the car, they are determined to get it back.


Hen Pecked

Hen Pecked 1974


Don Juan Alcántara is ruined. He does not dare to confess it to the family, since the unanimous opinion of those who know him is that he is a weakling. His lack of character is remedied by his doctor - pretend that he is suffering from schizophrenia.


Sor Citroen

Sor Citroen 1967


Madrid, Spain. When a religious community running an orphanage buys a car, the vivacious and intrepid Sister Tomasa accepts the task of getting behind the wheel.


Verano 70

Verano 70 1970


Typical Spanish comedy of the seventies set in Benidorm, the famous coastal town of Alicante where numerous families come to spend the summer. It tells the travel arrangements and incidents that occur before arriving to the apartments as well as the return of working husbands to the city, once the families have settled on the beach, and their unsuccessful attempts to flirt while alone


Las autonosuyas

Las autonosuyas 1983


The Eternal Spain, birthplace of the Cid, Hammer of Heretics... and other deserved historical appellations, is suddenly transformed, through democratic elections, in a chaotic Tower of Babel where every province, every town, each village wants to have its own opinion. Comedy about the rise of nacionalism in the different Spanish regions with the arrival of democracy.


The Midshipmen

The Midshipmen 1967


A group of students preparing to be midshipmen at the Naval Academy live very different experiences: from the typical hazing the new responsibilities they will face when they obtain graduation.



Girlfriends 1969


A group of women, who have always been good friends, are going through tough times: not only criticize each other and make life impossible, but also their love relationships are very poor. They will have to put everything in their power to get through this difficult time.


El soplagaitas

El soplagaitas 1981


Ramiro is a good man. He is a musician, but unemployment is so great that it has had to put Scottish bagpipes playing a Scotch Pub also married. One night coming home from work encountered in a corner, with Julian; believes has stolen his wallet and to take back what is theirs thinks Julian attacks is municipal councilor in the city. The theft of this portfolio will complicate the life of Ramiro, that of Julian and the many characters ...


The Fourth Victim

The Fourth Victim 1971


A wealthy Englishman finds his third wife dead. After the police discover that his first two wives had also died suddenly, an investigation is launched. Meanwhile, a new neighbor moves in and becomes very interested in him.


¿Qué hacemos con los hijos?

¿Qué hacemos con los hijos? 1967


The driver Antonio, boasts of his sons: John, who shares his work as a taxi driver, Luisa, ladies hairdresser, Antonito, studying to be a lawyer, and Paloma, to be a housewife. But Antonio does not know that their children are not exactly as he thinks. The day Antonio finds out, confronts his wife and children and suffers a big disappointment. Since then no one in the family speaks to Antonio, and he believes that it is best to let them see for themselves that they made a mistake, but this does not result, since each will see their problems increased.


El abuelo tiene un plan

El abuelo tiene un plan 1973


Leandro Cano, grandfather of many grandchildren, coincides in the clinic of Dr. Bolt with Elena, a lady already advanced in years. The doctor makes every effort to make them meet, and thus overcome their feelings of loneliness.


Hay que educar a papá

Hay que educar a papá 1971


A young woman who wants to marry an earl's son wants to refine the habits of their parents, people from a village that has been enriched in the overnight by selling their land.


Manolo by Night

Manolo by Night 1973


While Manolo, employed in a tourism agency in the Costa del Sol, enjoys the foreign babes, his wife suffers at home in the city. Advised by a girlfriend she plans revenge by simulating pregnancy. At first, Manolo is very happy to have a baby. However, soon he realizes that he cannot be the father since he was not in the city at the time of conception.


Don erre que erre

Don erre que erre 1970


Don Rodrigo goes to the bank and when he is going to take his money there is a robbery. Then the bank refuses to give him his money back (257 pesetas, a small amount of money) with the argument that the money was robbed to him, not to the bank. He will fight against the bank till the last consequences.


Es peligroso casarse a los 60

Es peligroso casarse a los 60 1981


A confirmed bachelor, over his sixties, is finally decided to marry, with the primary objective of having a son to inherit his business of coaches for tourists. Held the wedding, descendants don't arrive, but what comes into the house of the protagonist is an 18-year-old daughter of a distant childhood sweetheart willing to impose other points of view about everything.


¡Vaya par de gemelos!

¡Vaya par de gemelos! 1978


Pedro and Lucas are two twin brothers, residents of Tarazona, whom fortune smiles very differently. Luke is married to the owner of a modest supermarket and works as dependent, porter and whatever is needed ... Moreover, unlike his brother, he has never left the village. Instead, Pedro is married to the richest chocolate maker in the place, lives like a king and often travels to Madrid. But to justify his travels he has invented an illegitimate son who lives there studying architecture and that his wife wants to protect, giving him all the money he needs. The plan goes perfect until love complicates things.