Firebrand 2024


Katherine Parr, the sixth wife of King Henry VIII, is named regent while the tyrant battles abroad. When the king returns, increasingly ill and paranoid, Katherine finds herself fighting for her own survival.



Cottontail 2024


After the death of his wife, Kenzaburo (60s) and his son Toshi (30s) receive an unexpected letter from beyond the grave. Akiko, their wife and mother, asks them to scatter her ashes at the place she loved most as a child – Lake Windermere in England. Surprised by this unexpected request, father and son are initially at loggerheads over their next steps.


Typist Artist Pirate King

Typist Artist Pirate King 2023


The growing friendship between two women as they hit the road in an electric car looking for endings and reconciliation.


The Outrun

The Outrun 2024


Rona, fresh out of rehab, returns to the Orkney Islands; a place both wild and beautiful right off the Scottish coast. After more than a decade of living life on the edge in London, where she both found and lost love, Rona – now 30 – attempts to come to terms with her troubled past. As she reconnects with the dramatic landscape where she grew up, memories of her traumatic childhood merge with more recent challenging events that have set her on the path to recovery.


The Convert

The Convert 2024


A lay preacher arrives at a British settlement in 1830s New Zealand. His violent past is soon drawn into question, and his faith put to the test, as he finds himself caught in the middle of a bloody war between Maori tribes.



Anastasia 2022


Russian activist Anastasia Shevchenko was kept under house arrest for two years for speaking out against the government. During that time, her young special-needs daughter died alone, away from her mother's touch.


Someone's Daughter, Someone's Son

Someone's Daughter, Someone's Son 2024


Now a successful filmmaker, Lorna Tucker was once a teenage runaway sleeping rough on the streets of London. For this frank, forceful and inspiring documentary, she returns to her former haunts and speaks to current and former homeless people about why, twenty-five years later, record numbers of people are still reduced to living on Britain's streets.