Umro Ayyar – A New Beginning

Umro Ayyar – A New Beginning 2024


Umru Ayyar is an 80's-90's hero character from the very famous story Talism Hoshruba & Dastaan-e-Amir Hamza.



Jinnah 1998


Biography of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of modern Pakistan is told through flashbacks as his soul tries to find eternal rest. The flashbacks start in 1947 as Jinnah pleads for a separate nation for the Muslim minority, infuriating Lord Mountbatten. Mountbatten then tries to enlist Gandhi & Nehru to persuade Jinnah to stop his efforts. Gandhi sides with Jinnah, which upsets Nehru. However, Jinnah turns down the offer to become prime minister and the film takes another slide back to 1916, which reveals all of the political implications that have occurred.



Joyland 2022


As a patriarchal family yearns for the birth of a son to continue their family line, their youngest son secretly joins an erotic dance theatre and falls for its transgender starlet.


Mirza Ghalib

Mirza Ghalib 1954


Returning downcast after being met with contempt at the royal mushaira, wealthy nobleman and poet Mirza Ghalib runs into a beautiful courtesan who is an awe of his poetry and falls in love with her, unknowingly setting up a chain of events that will mar both their lives with tragedy.


The Donkey King

The Donkey King 2018


A lion decides that a new king shall take on the reins of Azad Nagar when he retires. When he retires a donkey is chosen as the king of Azad Nagar.



Dukhtar 2014


In the mountains of Pakistan, a mother and her ten-year-old daughter flee their home on the eve of the girl's marriage to a tribal leader. A deadly hunt for them begins.



Bol 2011


The patriarch of a religious Muslim family refuses to accept his intersex child, tearing his family apart.


Razia Sultan

Razia Sultan 1983


The film is based on the life of Razia Sultan (1205–1240), the only female Sultan of Delhi (1236–1240) and her speculated love affair with the Abyssinian slave, Jamal-ud-Din Yakut.


Mirza Ghalib

Mirza Ghalib 1988


This is the about the most admired poet in the History of Urdu and Persian writings, Mirza Ghalib


Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 2018


Now settled into married life, Pervez and Sheikh jump at the chance to travel to Turkey with their wives to visit Pervez's well-to-do brother-in-law, Rahat.



O21 2014


Two men only have 21 hours to stop a war between Afghanistan and Pakistan. An Afghan militant steals a microchip containing the names of people who want to exploit Afghanistan's mineral reserves.


Poppay Ki Wedding

Poppay Ki Wedding 2024


A contemporary boy returns to his traditional hometown for his sister's wedding, soon discovering his own proposal finalized with a girl he's never seen. Challenging family customs, his sole mission is to at least see the face of his future bride-to-be.



Superstar 2019


SUPERSTAR is an Urdu language romantic drama in which a struggling actress begins a romance with a major film star.


In Flames

In Flames 2023


After the death of the family patriarch, a mother and daughter’s precarious existence is ripped apart. They must find strength in each other if they are to survive the malevolent forces that threaten to engulf them.



NAYAB 2024


Set against the vibrant backdrop of Karachi, where cricket is more than just a game – it's a lifeline


Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak 2023


A privileged six-year-old Pakistani girl embarks on a mission to save her beloved pet goat from being eaten on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Azha, only to learn the meaning of sacrifice.



Ruposh 2022


Ruposh is a passionate and soul-stirring tale of romance that perfectly embodies the agonizing pain suffered in love. As the feeling of love slowly escalates into obsession, sorrow and grief are destined to follow.



Kamli 2022


A young married woman, who lives with her blind sister-in-law, has been waiting eight years for her husband to return home. One day she is about to drown in the nearby pond when a mysterious wanderer named Amaltas rescues her, unexpectedly changing her life and putting her in a dilemma between her husband and her savior. Will she be able to restrain the force of desire or will she give in to temptation?



Waar 2013


The efforts of the Pakistani security forces in their fight against terrorism and how the lives of security officials are affected. A retired security officer returns to save Pakistan from a major terrorist attack.


Rewind with Samina Peerzada

Rewind with Samina Peerzada 2017


Each episode features a Pakistani celebrity interviewed by Peerzada about their journeys, struggles, challenges and success.


Kis Ki Aayegi Baraat

Kis Ki Aayegi Baraat 2009


It is loosely based on the marriage ceremonies took place in a family of Punjabi's in Punjab.


Aik Thi Misaal

Aik Thi Misaal 2015


A Young Lady Misaal, whose perfect world is flipped around on account of the desire and envy of her close relative and grandma, prompting to her parents' separation. It is concurred that Misal will spend 15 days of the month with her dad, and the rest of the 15 with her mom.


Coke Studio

Coke Studio 2008


Coke Studio is a Pakistani music television series which features live studio music performances by various artists, started in June 2008, originating from the Brazilian show, Estúdio Coca-Cola. The show is produced by Coca-Cola Company and Strings Band. Coke Studio has been popular, receiving critical acclaim and frequently being rebroadcast on television and radio in Pakistan.


Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat

Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat 2010


Dolly ki Ayegi Baraat is a Pakistani comedy-drama and the sequel of hit drama Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat. It is based on Evernew's popular storyline of Kis Ki Ayegi Baraat. The show includes most of the characters from Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat, and focuses on the story of Azar's cousin Dolly and Sila's friend Nabeel. Unlike the first serial in the series, which was written by Mohammad Ahmed, Dolly ki Ayegi Baraat was written by Bushra Ansari and Vasay Chaudry. Also, the character of Sila, previously played by Sarwat Gilani, was played by Ayesha Omar. The serial premiered on GEO TV in August 2010 & consisted on 17 episodes ending in November 2010.


To Be Honest

To Be Honest 2020


Tabish Hashmi interviews celebrities about their career, personal experiences and achievements in a comic way.


Lux Style Awards

Lux Style Awards 2002


The Lux Style Awards is the largest award ceremony held annually in Pakistan since 2002. The awards celebrate "style" in the Pakistani entertainment industry, and it is the oldest event dedicated to cinema, television, fashion, music and film industry in Pakistan.


Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi

Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi 2013


The story revolves around a 20 year old student Aasiya Yaqoob, who falls in love with her Teacher Sir Chouhan. Although Sir Chouhan has never encouraged Aasiya’s bold initiatives, Aasiya’s advances continues. The story takes a sudden turn, when Aasiya’s father dies. Before his death, Aasiya’s father marries his son and daughter to his brother’s daughter and son respectively. Aasiya’s life turns upside down. The story emphasis on the plight of women in a male-dominated society. In order to find peace and solace, a typical woman turns to spiritual healers (Peers).



Khaani 2017


After a rich politician's son kills a young woman's brother, an unlikely romantic connection complicates her pursuit of justice.


Sur Kshetra

Sur Kshetra 2012


Sur Kshetra is a singing talent show or musical battle between teams of two neighboring countries: Pakistan and India aired simulcast on Geo TV, Sahara One, Colors TV, AAG TV as well as Rishtey. The show is hosted by Indian actress Ayesha Takia. The Pakistani Team is led by singer, music director, music composer, actor Atif Aslam and the Indian Team is led by music director Himesh Reshamiya. It is being shown on Colors TV and Sahara One in India, Geo TV and Aag TV in Pakistan and Rishtey TV in UK. The show hasbeen produced by Saaibaba Telefilms and Directed by Gajendrra Siingh under the creative production of Santosh Shendye. The creative Director of the show is Kshonish Palit and Associate Creative Director is Mohammad Faizan.


Ghar Titli Ka Par

Ghar Titli Ka Par 2017


This is the story of betrayal disguised in friendship; Shafaq & Anji are childhood friends. To Shafaq their friendship means everything to her but to Anji it is an option for her to get hands to better life. Anji understands that Shafaq has a better lifestyle & she can have access to all these things if she remains in Shafaq’s life. Shafaq’s sister in-law will soon sense Anji’s intentions & she will try to protect her meanwhile Anji will marry a guy from well-to-do family and they will shift to Lahore. While Shafaq is upset about Anji’s leaving the city & trying to move in her life, Anji’s life in Lahore turns into a disaster as she doesn’t know how to keep up with household chores & life. After sometime Shafaq will be married to Azar who is from Lahore & right after their wedding she will shift to her home in Lahore. Two friends will reconnect as they are in the same city however when they meet Anji is jealous of Shafaq’s new life so much so that she will try to end Shafaq’s marriage.


Aap Ki Adalat

Aap Ki Adalat 1992


The host invites various personalities who must defend themselves in light of their recent controversies and against the accusations levied on them by the public.



Khaie 2024


A tale where conflicts aren’t resolved with words but with the deafening roar of gunfire, where every drop of blood spilled tells a story of revenge and the struggle for redemption.


Mohabbat Satrangi

Mohabbat Satrangi 2024


Join us for ‘Mohabbat Satrangi,’ where family life takes center stage. Secrets emerge, testing love and resilience. Experience an emotional rollercoaster as relationships are put to the test in this heartfelt drama.



Baaghi 2017


Young girl's dream of becoming super star turns into a nightmare as she faces unavoidable dark conspiracy.



Barzakh 2024


A 76-year old reclusive man who runs a resort in a remote valley, invites his estranged children and grandchildren over, to celebrate his life’s grand finale – a wedding with the ghost of his first true love.


Bhai Bhai

Bhai Bhai 2019


This family comedy drama revolves around two brothers and their families. Both of them lives in the same house which has left by their father in his will. This property dispute will left your eyes teared with laughter.


Aik Nayee Cinderella

Aik Nayee Cinderella 2012


The story is about Meesha who lives with her two step sisters and step mother. She is mistreated by her step mother and does all the house hold work. Meesha meets the rich and dashing Mayer. Meesha, thinking that he is her prince charming, who has come to rescue her and put an end to all her troubles, tries to win his heart.


Suno Chanda

Suno Chanda 2018


The series revolves around two people who hate each other but their families want them to marry. They make some plans to cancel their wedding but slowly get in love.