The Shameless

The Shameless 2024


In the dead of night, Renuka escapes from a Delhi brothel after stabbing a policeman to death. She takes refuge in a community of sex workers in northern India, where she meets Devika, a young girl condemned to a life of prostitution. Their bond develops into a forbidden romance. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to escape the law and forge their path to freedom.


Onassis: The Richest Man in the World

Onassis: The Richest Man in the World 1988


Biography of the life of Aristotle Onassis, a Greek who rose to become one of the world's most wealthiest men, detailing his rise to power and unhappy marriages.


The Judgement

The Judgement 2014


This is the story of Mityo and his son Vasko, who live in a poor area, near to the Bulgarian-Turkish-Greek Border. Mityo had lost everything that has mattered to him – his wife, his work, the confidence of his son, Vasko. In order to get him back, Mityo has to find forgiveness and pay for his sin, done 25 years ago.


Eastern Plays

Eastern Plays 2009


Two estranged brothers are brought together when they have opposite roles in a racist beating: while Georgi who's recently joined a neo-nazi group participates in the violence, Hristo witnesses and rescues a Turkish family. Only by reuniting will the two brothers be able to assess what they really want from life.


The Lesson

The Lesson 2014


An honest, hard-working schoolteacher in a small Bulgarian town is driven to desperate measures to avoid financial ruin.



Glory 2017


When Tsanko Petrov, a railroad worker, finds millions of lev on the train tracks, he decides to turn the entire amount over to the police. Grateful, the state rewards him with a new wristwatch… which soon stops working. Meanwhile, Julia Staikova, the head of PR for the Ministry of Transport, loses his old watch. Here starts Petrov’s desperate struggle to get back not only his old watch, but his dignity.



Liuben 2024


Victor has a nice life in Madrid with his partner, José. However, after returning to his childhood home in the mountains of Bulgaria for his grandfather's funeral, he decides to stay for the summer. While reconnecting with his father and the village way of life, he unexpectedly finds love in the form of Liuben, an 18-year-old Roma boy. Despite their differences, and the conflicts surrounding them, Victor and Liuben find refuge in each other, while a romance begins to take form.



Zift 2008


Moth is freed on parole after spending time in prison on wrongful conviction of murder. Jailed shortly before the Bulgarian communist coup of 1944, he now finds himself in a new and alien world - the totalitarian Sofia of the 60s. His first night of freedom draws the map of a diabolical city full of decaying neighborhoods, gloomy streets and a bizarre parade of characters.


Yuliya Vrevskaya

Yuliya Vrevskaya 1977


The film is based on a true dramatic story of the fate of a wonderful Russian woman - Countess Yulia Petrovna Vrevskaya, one of the first Petersburg beauties. The events of the movie take place during the Russian-Turkish war for the liberation of the Bulgarian people from the Turkish yoke. An early widowed baroness, having left Petersburg, and having invested all her money in organizing a volunteer sanitary detachment, she becomes a sister of mercy on the front of the Bulgarian war with the Ottoman Empire of 1878.


Petya of My Petya

Petya of My Petya 2021


The film was named after the short story “Petya of My Petya” written by the exceptional young poet Petya Dubarova. The director Alexander Kossev and the writers Valentina Angelova and Nelly Dimitrova lift the vail of the past to present Petya Dubarova and her talent to today’s young generations.


Living Legends

Living Legends 2014


Group of friends meet again, 13 years after their prom because of a problem of one of them, and face the opportunity to experience the things in life they have always put aside in life so far.



Action 2019


An American action star from the 90's is shooting a movie in Bulgaria, while three of his (now grown up) fans try to meet their childhood idol. After a series of bad decisions, the three fans are between the Russian mafia, huge amount of drugs, and huge debt. So they decide to rob the Hollywood production which their childhood idol is shooting.


Kusturica - Balkan's Bad Boy

Kusturica - Balkan's Bad Boy 2012


A film director, an actor, a musician, an organizer of festivals, a husband, a father, a grand-father, a friend, a professor... This film is an unexpected meeting with one of the most fascinating European film directors: Emir Kusturica. This is a journey to memory and forgetfulness. Beyond success, money, dependencies and pride. A deeper look into the world of Kusturica and his Wooden city at Mokra Gora. A tale about the won battles, as well as the lost ones. About the everlasting curiosity in filmmaking.


Time of Violence

Time of Violence 1988


In the 17th century, a Bulgarian Christian region is selected by the Ottoman rulers to serve as an example of conversion to Islam. A Janissary who was kidnapped from the village as a boy is sent to force the reluctant inhabitants to convert. The Turkish governor seeks a peaceful solution, but ultimately torture, violence, and rebellion break out.


Four Men in a Boxcar

Four Men in a Boxcar 1970


The partisan Welichko is given the task of rescuing four Russian prisoners of war who are in one of the freight cars of a German train.



Tilt 2011


TILT is a love story set against the backdrop of the changing political and social environment in Europe in the late 80's and early 90's. Can this love survive the challenges of emigration, a violent homeland and immoral social atmosphere thanks to a gang of adventurous friends?


Almost a Love Story

Almost a Love Story 1980


The young worker Pavlina and the student to be Vlado love each other. Vlado's father Parushev gets involved in their relationship. He is a director of the factory where the girl works. He sees a treat for the future and career of his son in that relationship. His fear of "unequal" marriage makes him exert psychological and moral pressure on Pavlina. Vlado has a weak character... Pavlina left alone to defend her love.


In the Heart of the Machine

In the Heart of the Machine 2022


Heat, iron, dust and the smell of oil. A typical workday of maximum security inmates will prove to be fateful for all of them. They find something extraordinary inside one of the machines, and an unexpected wave of compassion makes the prisoners take hostages and block the entrance to the workshop and risk their lives, because sometimes the desire to be human is stronger than the survival instinct.


Stolen Life

Stolen Life 2016


Love, treachery, sin, redemption, difficult decisions and surprising twists are the basis of dramatic story in the series "Stolen Life", which being played out against the backdrop of extreme life of the medical profession.


Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach 2020


The series transports the viewers and online users of bTV Media Group to the colorful world of one of the most visited and commented Bulgarian tourist destinations in Europe. The high-quality production raises the curtain on the secrets of the hotel business, broken through the personal stories of the characters. The series features young stars of Bulgarian television cinema, who became favorites of the audience with the first original series of bTV.



Undercover 2011


Just an ordinary boy from the Sofia suburbs becomes the first bulgarian undercover cop. Forced by his father when he was young to lie and cheat, Martin becomes the perfect liar. That skill, and also the hatred of the 'underworld' makes him the perfect match for a dangerous mission - to infiltrate the crime organisation of a rich and powerful businessman. While infiltrating and living in fear of being uncovered, Martin falls in love with the most inappropriate woman - Djaro's girlfriend, Suni. Just when he gains the trust of the mobsters, it appears that the real enemy is in the police. Martin is alone against all, facing difficult decisions.


Glass Home

Glass Home 2010


Glass Home is a Bulgarian drama series created by bTV. It's a family drama and the executive producers are Dimityr Mitovski and Dimityr Gochev from "Camera OOD". It airs in bTV's primetime. Some of Bulgaria's most famous actors star in the series, which is directed by Viktor Bojinov and Petar Rusev.


The Devil's Throat

The Devil's Throat 2019


At the height of the refugee crisis in Bulgaria, a competent DANS employee and an ambitious local investigator are investigating the murder of a retired police officer in the border town of Smolyan. The clues are gradually turning them into a terrible secret about a crime that will overturn their investigation and personal fate.


Survivor BG

Survivor BG 2006


Survivor BG is the Bulgarian version of the reality show Survivor, broadcast and produced by bTV.


The Grapes of Guilt

The Grapes of Guilt 2023


In the family drama "The Grapes of Guilt", two main themes are intertwined - wine and the guilt that a person experiences in his life. The 12-episode film revolves around the wine industry. It tells the story of a young man forced after the death of his uncle to abandon his seemingly orderly life in the US and revive his winery. His desire is strong, he has no experience and his legacy is desperate - lying barrels, debts and workers who will soon be on the street. Only the wayward winemaker of the cellar can get him out of the mess, but her father turns out to be a hidden partner in the business, whose plans do not coincide with those of the "intruder". Secrets and guilt from the past are about to ruin everything.


The Masked Singer Bulgaria

The Masked Singer Bulgaria 2019


The Masked Singer is a Bulgarian reality singing competition television series based on the Masked Singer franchise which originated from the South Korean version of the show King of Mask Singer. It premiered on Nova on 14 September 2019 to 4 December 2021 All episodes of the series are broadcast live.



Brothers 2020


The story tells about the irreconcilable family war between the Donkovi brothers - the investigator from the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Boris Donkov, head of the anti-drug department. turned into an unscrupulous, cynical, ambitious, cold-blooded and manipulative person, anticipating the actions of others with a few steps forward. The reasons for this war lie in the past, which they both try to turn their backs on, but fail. The two are in love with the same woman - Laura (the charming wife of investigator Boris Donkov) and will do everything to win her heart. One of the brothers is on the path of revenge, and the other will do everything possible to reach the truth. The series follows the devastating war between the two, which changes their lives, as well as that of their loved ones.



Liaisons 2015


LIAISONS is a modern dramedy, telling the story of the affairs and relations within a family and beyond; the ongoing search for love and the various ways of getting it today. The series follows the love life of one famous architect with impeccable reputation (Mika, 43), her husband - former coroner, and a marriage counselor now (Tony, 48), and their family. Its numerous members are being tingled in complicated affairs, which consistently add dirty secrets and embarrassing stains to the biography of the "perfect" family. The grounds are seriously endangered. Could Mika and Tony manage to stay together, or will they indulge to the temptations, which skulk from the outer world?


She and he

She and he 2002


The tv show follows the story of a Bulgarian couple - Sylvia and Martin. They are together for eleven years but are not married. They have a lot of differences but always manage to iron out all the problems.


X Factor

X Factor 2011


X Factor is the Bulgarian version of The X Factor, a show originating from the United Kingdom. It is a television music talent show contested by aspiring pop singers drawn from public auditions. The show's inaugural season aired in 2011 on Nova Television.


War of Letters

War of Letters 2023


10th century, the most powerful state in Europe rests on a terrible secret that may threaten the very foundations of Christianity. Captured between political intrigues and warrior battles the young prince Bayan is searching for an ancient alphabet that could save his doomed love or his kingdom. A medieval mystery drama about the birth of the Cyrillic alphabet.


The Hunt for Salamander

The Hunt for Salamander 2021


A detective and his ex-wife, a detective herself, come close on the occasion of two weird cases...